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no mud nest ®
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Barn swallow (Hirundo rustica) as well as House martin (Delichon urbica) together with other subspecies belonging to swallow family (Hirundinidae) are useful birds for nature, therefore  for man, too as they mainly feed on insects thus hindering its rampancy, especially small two-winged ones (dipterous insects), which they usually catch while flying. This is the reason why first and foremost we have to think about securing adequate place for nesting of these birds near our homes and then how to direct them away from the property, which required financial and especially personal effort to reach its valuable state, to the place of their tranquil nesting.

That is why, along with using this efficient means against the unwanted nesting on outer walls of buildings, we would appreciate the buyers simultaneously evaluate the surroundings of the vicinity of the protected property in ways described in top section: alternative nesting (above) with regard to real possibility of building nests in other places apart from the protected walls and in case of no opportunity  for nest building, it is necessary to provide alternative place for nesting of these birds or similar and effective solution for them to nest as described in section alternative nesting. Although we have no means to control your fulfilment of such obligation as we are not a state authority, so we cannot enter into your property without your permission, thus it renders to be rather your moral obligation, nonetheless we believe our customers to be aware of the importance of coexistence of these birds and man in vicinity of our dwellings.

As seen in the first picture the protective band represents almost invisible solution with aesthetic accord to the wall building; definitely nicer than walls with mud - as in the second picture. You do not need to deter the birds of swallow family with flying attached object - that is mistaken opinion - according to scholarly sources: it is sufficient to create a background, on bases of which the protective mural bands no mud nest® are created. This is presented in many sources in ornithology, for example: NESTS, EGGS & INCUBATION, D. C. Deeming & S. J. Reynolds, Oxford University Press, 2015. Though it is practical not to stabilize the lower part of the protective band, because occasional movements prevent concentration of spiders and insects in the area of installation.

Installation according to manual; any skilfull craftsman in construction or basically skilled customers themselves shall manage to mount the protective band as stated by instructions and above basic steps. You would also find useful video with instructions on YOUTUBE.